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Oh how slowly the week goes by! At least my productivity is way up this week and I'm slowly but surely making my way through updating my students' files, emailing the appropriate folks when I notice errors, etc. It takes longer than I'd like but it is getting done. I'm responsible for almost 200 students now! I really shouldn't get discouraged. Right now these 200 students are under 3 programs of study, which is the most confusing part of it all but after the current seniors graduate there will only be one. After I update these files I will begin doing graduation audit for the seniors to make sure they will actually be done in May. I have transfer orientation on Friday and school begins next Tuesday. Then I help work on turn- arounds, which is a silly way of saying 'plan for all the courses for next semester'.

My classes start next week as well. 'Program Planning and Analysis' and 'Health Economics and Payment Systems'. Right. I wish I was excited.

I bit the bullet and purchased Arban's for trumpet. The exercises are enjoyable, though the book is larger and more unwieldy than I expected. It is almost too heavy for my stand to handle!

I'm trying to organize a departmental inaugeration party but I'm worried no students will come. I mean it's during our supposed common hour but it's during the first day of classes as well. Hmm. I need to act quick if I want it to happen!

Always so much to do! Tonight I need to go through the materials for my new vision plan. I also want to practice and clean up a bit. Hot Italian sausage and peppers and onions for dinner tonight! Mmmm. I am getting more efficient in my cooking. Last night I made chicken cordon bleu, brown rice, and roasted broccoli in 30 minutes starting from the time I began my rice!

In sadder news, my grandpa fell while taking out the garbage on Friday. No one could find him for HOURS. 8 of them. He was found huddled in the corner by the clubhouse of their retirement community. Awful. He has alzheimer's and isn't doing well. I'm really sad for my grandma who tries to stay so strong through all this. In pissed off news? I found out because my cousin Mike in England emailed me today to check up on me and see how I'm doing and asked me if I had heard! Peter never tried to get in touch. WTF? It makes me so mad and hurt I was in tears at work. I called him and all he had were excuses about how much stuff he has got going on at work and with gma/gpa and alex. He had sent Alex to Denver last week. Not surprisingly, Peter tells me Alex is doing bad in school and at work. I respond, 'so alex does poorly in school and at work and you send him on a vacation to Colorado?'. Right. That's going to work. How many times between fall and spring semesters did I travel? None...because guess what? I was working!!! Gaaaah! Peter retorted that 'not everyone is like you'. Which I thought was sort of ridiculous because I have worked hard to get to the modest place I am...completely without his help. Even if alex was going to co to maybe have our uncle talk to him, i'm sure he perceived it as a free vacation to the wintry wonderland of Denver. Damn that makes me mad. I wish Peter wouldn't tell me about Alex and would keep me informed about everything else that goes on in our family!!!

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On January 14th, 2009 12:48 am (UTC), bellajenni commented:
Peter is ridiculous... he's always been ridiculous. He "justifies" his wrongs all of the time and they're just BS. You turned out to be such a better person without him directly involved in your upbringing.
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