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i am so happy to be off from work today. i had plans to go to the brooklyn museum this weekend, but i ended up being busier than I expected, so I wanted to go today but it is closed! Sadness! I think I may go head over to Roots Cafe for some stumptown instead...but its actually like 40 minutes away on the subway to marc's old neighborhood in Gowanus, though they are calling the neighborhood Windsor Terrace on yelp.com. it takes so long because the cafe is south from here, and so to get south i have to go west to go back east a little further south in brooklyn. dumb. if i had a car i could just take the prospect expressway. i don't think i can bike on there either. but i will make the trek in any case. i just hope to get a seat! i found a big stack of some of my favorite zines and i'm going to bring those to read and maybe a notebook in case i get inspired.

yesterday marc and i held an impromptu get together to watch the eagles vs. cardinals and the steelers vs. ?. i don't remember. all i know is that the steelers won and that's a good thing for marc and his friends! hah. i made delicious vegan chili. i used smart grounds so it would be have some meaty texture. and i now have it for days!! yum! i also got ben and lauren's punch recipe and made that. which was delightfully sweet and delicious as well.

i had dreams last night that i was studying abroad in florence, but it was now and not 4 years ago. hah. when i woke up i realized that boo-boo was locked inside marc's office. good thing i was home!! when he got out i got an earful of pitiful mews. now he is cuddled up with me in bed. we just watched an amazing episode of wife swap with a feminist MD/roller derby mom vs. a superficial puts children in pageants mom.

enough of this laying around in bed. i'm off!
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