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Missed train blues

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It's cold on the platform. But another train is coming. Out of the house finally. The piano(!) never arrived. I'm keeping it safe for Nicole as the movers can't get it into her apartment but they didn't show up.

In keeping with my love for all things vampire, Marc and I are going to see let the right one in. I hope it's sufficiently thrilling! If we have enough time we were planning on checking out this store that carries items made especially to save space in apartments. But I think we'll just be on time for the film.

In exactly one week I will turn 24. I am so excited! I love birthdays and birthday parties! Friday is Peter's birthday and grandma f invited me over for dinner to celebrate both. Mmm grandma's cooking is divine.

Someone on the train is reading one of the Twilight books. I see more folks reading that than I ever noticed the harry potter craze. Heh!

Marc is currently playing with a rubiks cube he bought the other day on the train for $1 from a vendor who said "before the ds, before there was playstaton, before the iPod, there was this. The rubiks cube! This is what we played with." amazing.

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