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my new friend plays drums all the time

her magic heart feels everything

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31 January 1985
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activism, amélie, ani difranco, anti-heterosexism, anti-homophobia, audre lourde, babies, beat poetry, black and white photography, blast!, books, bright eyes, brownies, bust, camera obscura, candles, canolis, chai tea, children, chuck palahniuk, city streets, composers, consensual sex, corduroy, crafting, creativity, crying, david dondero, diy, djembe, drumcorps, edward norton, elliott smith, embroidery, eric whitacre, evelyn glennie, ever after, falafel, feminism, fight club, fighting hate, francesca lia block, gabriel garcia marquez, gay rights, gender smashing, genderfucking, greenwich village, handmade things, hands, handwritten letters, hearts, hot chocolate, hot pink, hugs, incubus, isabel allende, island rock, jazz, jeff buckley, kevin devine, kitties, l'occitane, lace, languages, long island, long island freespace, lyrics, magical realism, magnolia bakery, mail art, making zines, margaret atwood, marimba, massive attack, masturbating, mermaids, metric, mirah, mix cds, mix tapes, music, music boxes, neutral milk hotel, nudity, nyc, pablo neruda, paper goods, passion, paul simon, percussion, photography, pin-up girls, pink, pj harvey, poetry, polka dots, pretty girls make graves, prokofiev, pudding, radical feminism, radiohead, reading, receiving letters, regina spektor, reproductive rights, rilo kiley, robots, sex, sex education, sex positivity, shirley temples, situationists, six feet under, skin, skirts, snuggling, spooning, stars are! sad, sylvia plath, tegan & sara, the beach, the east village inky, the eyre affair, the l word, the mars volta, the pixies, the princess bride, the prophecy, the renegade poets society, the underground geek militia, the weeds, thrift stores, thrifting, traveling, tympani, typewriters, vanilla, venting, walking, wanderlust, web design, wind ensemble, women's health, writing, writing letters, zines

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